Congratulations! You are one of the rare people who have taken a very courageous and challenging step to start your own business.

​At this point you may have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or other social media in place. But one question I get often is: Do I really need a website?

My emphatic answer, no matter what the look on your face, is YES! I will also say you need a website along with other things like social media and local search. (More on this in future articles.)

​Why do you still need a website for your small business?

As powerful as social media is, it is still only one aspect of being online. I know it seems like everyone is on social media and using social media all the time. But are they? Ask around and I'm certain you know multiple people who do not use some or any social media sites. Now that privacy issues and breaches have been occurring we have movements pushing people to deactivate their Facebook or other accounts. That being said, social is important and with it's many benefits it is here to stay.

But websites are not dead. Let's break down a few reasons as to why that is true for small businesses:

  1. A website gives you a hub for all your online content. From here people can find out what social media you are on and great information about who you are in detail.
  2. ​Organize your information so it's easy to find and use. Websites are still a great way to break all your information down into a well organized visual layout.
  3. Create custom landing pages. Do you serve multiple markets? Make a page just for them and create messages to take people right to that spot. Many builders, like the one you can get through Red Horse Creative) allows for an unlimited number pages so, the sky is the limit on what and how you can cater to people.
  4. Put a link to your website on local search. Places like Google My Business and Bing are often at the top of searches when people are looking for a local business. When you link your website to these listings people will opt to click or call you more often.

The Moral of the Story

If I have to sum it all up, I chose this topic to start the learning center because I get it. Websites seem like another added expense, another time sucker, and we are already pulled in ten million directions, and that's just at work. But, websites and social media are how we communicate and how we are found.

If you have questions, reach out to me here or on Facebook.

I started my business, now what?